created: 2013-06-08, last modified: 2013-10-04
created: 2013-06-08, last modified: 2013-10-04

GPO-Deployment of iTunes (incomplete)

I haven't deployed iTunes with GPO so far.

The iTunes installer is based internally on MSI. However it contains not one,
but several MSI-files. They must be installed in the correct order.

The download page of Apple often fails for browsers other than Safari.
Try to find the latest version on http://www.klaus-hartnegg.de/gpo/download.html
A link to the 64bit version is also on http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1615
Otherwise look at the source of http://www.apple.com/itunes/download
There's an iframe referenced inside, typically
Look at the source of this page and search for 'exe'.

Use 7zip or another similar archiving software to 
extract the contents of the file iTunesSetup.exe

Make sure that the installation is done in this order:
- AppleApplicationSupport.msi must be first.
- AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi should be left out.
- iTunes.msi should be last.

Some of the components are also included in other software packages,
but not necessarily the same version:
- AppleApplicationSupport.msi is also in Quicktime.
- Bonjour is also in Safari and some Adobe programs. 
This is where it starts to become tricky when you for example have some 
machines with QuickTimes, some with iTunes, and some with both. 
I guess you need three different GPOs for them, with manually 
selected versions of these files, but which versions of
AppSupport are compatible with which versions of QuickTime and iTunes?

If you only want to use iFunbox, you don't need to install iTunes.msi,
You need only AppleApplicationSupport.msi and AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi

Update of January 2014: 
Version 11.1.4 contains another msi-file: iCloud.msi.
This is a version that works only in Vista, not in XP, not in 7.
Apple offers a version for download for Win7, but it is not
required to use iTunes.