MST transform files

An MST-file contains transforms to be applied to a MSI file.

A transform is usually a small configuration change.

This is typically used to apply local configuration settings, for example to disable the automatic update feature of a software product.

Creating a transform file is an alternative to modifying a MSI-file. Both can be done for example with Orca.

MST-files are being applied by Windows Installer while it is installing an MSI-file. This is done with a command like this:
msiexec /qb /i AdbeRdr1010_de_DE.msi TRANSFORMS=AdbeRdr1010_de_DE.mst

In Group Policy Objects they are deployed together with the MSI file to that they belong. If an MST-file is later added to a MSI-file, or if the MST-file was modified, then the MSI-file must be redeployed.

last update: 11-Jan-2012