MSI installer for QuickTime

WARNING: The windows-version of QuickTime is no longer supported by Apple, and the latest version contains known security vulnerabilities. Please stop using it!

Here's a description how to get the required files, and what to change in them to make them work in GPO:

  1. The file QuickTimeInstaller.exe contains three MSI files:
    • QuickTime.msi
    • AppleApplicationSupport.msi
    • AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi
    You need the first two of these files.
    Here are three alternative methods to extract them:
    • start the installer and wait until it displays its first dialog, then look in the %temp% directory
    • use an archiving tool like 7zip
    • on the commandline run this command:
      QuickTimeInstaller.exe /extract
  2. open QuickTime.msi with Orca
  3. Click on View, then on Summary Information. Remove all language codes except the one that you want, for example 1033 (english) or 1031 (german). It's not possible to add other language codes in summary information of that MSI file. If your language is not in the list, edit the properties of the software install package in the GPO, go to extended properties and check "ignore language".
  4. Go to the table InstallExecuteSequence
    Set PreventDowngrade to 0
  5. Go to the table Properties
    Add property DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS with value 0
    Change property SCHEDULE_ASUW from 1 to 0

The package AppleApplicationSupport must be installed before QuickTime. The package AppleSoftwareUpdate need not, and should not be deployed. if you plan to deploy upgrades with GPO.

Please note that iTunes also contains AppleApplicationSupport.msi, and I haven't yet deployed QuickTime and iTunes via GPO to the same PCs. I guess you should check the version numbers of this file, or the included files, and ideally select versions of iTunes and QuickTime with the same version of AppleApplicationSupport. Otherwise it may or may not work. Also you should make sure that every PC that needs Quicktime or iTunes or both gets a copy of AppleApplicationSupport, but not twice!

last modifications:
2016-11-25: added warning that software is probably discontinued
2016-11-25: fixed AppleSoftwareHelper -> AppleApplicationSupport
2013-03-16: fixed typo & added note about iTunes